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​Yakima Valley Vintners ( YVCC Tour & Taste)
Grandview, WA
​Yakima Valley Vintners produces between 300 and 500 cases per year. Their award winning wines were first released during the 2008 Yakima Valley Spring Barrel Tasting. Produced by the students of the Vineyard & Winery Technology Program, these wines have now garnered more 60 awards over the last eight vintages. Those initial wines have now become award winners and are all sold out! The good news is more award winners have followed the inaugural year and keep our tasting room fully stocked with reds and whites from the 2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015 vintages. Yakima Valley Vintners also does a very informative tour for groups of people that can be scheduled ahead a time through Yakima Valley Vintners. Where students and instructors will take you through the whole process of how wine is made, grape to glass!
​Yakima Valley Vintners Website
Hanford Site Tours
Tri-Cites, WA( 30 mins from Prosser)
The Hanford Site is a very unique place offering a number of tours for members of the public, elected officials and their staffs, tribal officials, stakeholders, and others. There are many types of tours including;
*Hanford's Historic B Reactor Tour: The B Reactor tour gives visitors a chance to walk through the world’s first full-scale plutonium producing reactor. The B Reactor is a National Historic Landmark.
*Pre-Manhattan Historical sites Tour: These historical tours offer visitors a chance to see the town sites and structures that existed before the Manhattan Project was formed in 1942.
*Hanford Site Cleanup Tour Program: This 4½ hour tour offers visitors a chance to see a wide range of areas at Hanford. Visitors will be guided through the Hanford Site to learn about Hanford’s environmental cleanup efforts, projects, and facility operations.
for more information on how to register for these tours please visit their website
Hanford Tour Website
​Benton County Historical Museum 
Prosser, WA
​Prosser Benton County Historical Museum since its founding in 1968, has enriched the Prosser area. The museum is located in the city park at 1000 Paterson Road in Prosser Washington, the museum houses a vast variety of tools, textiles, artifacts and photos, along with a multitude of reading material about Prosser, Benton County, and its former citizens. The growing collections and ever-changing exhibits continue to make an important contribution to the appreciation and preservation of our heritage here in Washington. When you tour the museum you will find The Farm Room includes a 1900 Homestead Shack and 1886 Doctor's Buggy. The Parlor contains heirloom dresses and an 1867 Grand Piano. Guided tours are available upon request. For large groups it is best to make arrangements in advance. For small groups simply ask our staff and we will be glad to accommodate you.

Murals of Toppenish
​Toppenish/ Selah, WA
The Toppenish Murals began in 1989 with the inaugural mural titled "Clearing the Land". The idea was formed when state seed money was distributed to small communities in correspondence with the State of Washington's centennial celebration. A group gathered and brainstormed the idea of historical murals and hosted the first annual MURAL-IN-A-DAY event in which an entire wall sized mural is painted in one day by a dozen or more artists. Since the first mural was completed a Mural Society was formed and the organization has completed 75 additional murals, including a single mural in a day each year on the first Saturday in June. Hundreds gather to come and watch paint dry. The Mural Society has sustained the mural program since 1989 based solely on private donations and support. There are no public or tax dollars used to put any murals up in town. The board of 10-12 meets once a month and governs the creation of new murals, the location, the maintenance and up-keep, fundraising, etc. There are strict guidelines for each mural as the criteria set by the board is that they must all be historically accurate from 1850-1950 and also be historically accurate to the area. If you would like to schedule a tour call: 509-697-8995 or visit their website
Murals of Toppenish Website
The Reach Museum
Richland, WA
The REACH Museum is the first stop to discover what makes the Columbia Basin and Tri-Cities so unique. As a natural history museum, visitor center, event venue, art gallery and performing arts center, the REACH serves as a gateway to the richness of our culture, heritage, arts, and sciences. Once inside the REACH Museum, visitors also see why we’re a touchstone for our Richland, WA community and surrounding, being a center for special celebrations that build families and community. Their perch, overlooking the Columbia River gives a “birds-eye” view of one of the most magnificent natural resources in the United States. Our engaging and educational storytelling looks through the lens of the mighty Columbia, the lifeblood of our region. We focus on the Ice Age Floods; the Tribes of the Plateau; the Shrub Steppe Ecosystem; the Early Settlers, Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia Basin Project; the Manhattan Project; the Hanford Reach National Monument; Hanford Cleanup; and Renewable Energy through Nuclear and Hydro Power. 
The Reach Museum Website
Walter Clore Wine & Culinary Center
Prosser, WA 
​The Clore Center serves as a central gathering place for industry and consumers to discover Washington wine and agriculture through engaging events and innovative programs. The Clore Center provides wine and culinary educational classes that cater to the needs and interests of industry professionals and consumers. Classes cover a variety of grape varietals, regions, AVA’s and viticulture. Throughout the year, the Clore Center hosts several events that promote, celebrate and honor the many individuals and wineries that have contributed to the industry’s significance, including Legends of Washington Wine Hall of Fame, History Through the Vines, and Rising Stars , and many others. The exhibits at the Walter Clore Center support the industry by creating new consumer ambassadors for Washington wine and agriculture every day. The exhibits include four main installations: Dr. Walter Clore Tribute Father of Washington Wine, The Rollings Hills, Map of Washington's American Viticulture Areas, & Donor Recognition Wall.  
​Walter Clore Website
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